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Hon. Kapelwa Astley Mbangweta (MP) - Western Province Minister

Hon. Kapelwa Astley Mbangweta (MP) - Western Province Minister


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Simomo Sebastian Akapelwa   Permanent Secretary

Simomo Sebastian Akapelwa Permanent Secretary


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Our Districts

Mongu District

Mongu District, the provincial capital of Western Province, Zambia, is situated approximately 585km west of the nation’s capital, Lusaka. The district spans an area of 5,959.8 square kilometers. Click Here to Read More


Kalabo District

Kalabo district lies about 75 Km West of Mongu with a total surface area of 9,016 Square Kilometers. The district shares her boundary with Mongu district to the East, Limulunga to the Northeast, Lukulu and Mitete districts to the North, Nalolo district to the Southeast, Shangombo district to the Southwest, Sikongo district to the West and Angola to the North West.. Click Here to Read More

Sikongo District

Sikongo District is one of the nine (9) newly created districts in Western Province. The district is located in the Western part of Zambia about 135 km from Mongu the Provincial Capital of Western Province.
It shares boundaries with Kalabo District in the East and North, Nalolo District in the South East, Shangombo District in the South and Angola in the West. Sikongo District covers a total area of 2,980.45km². It has a total population of 59,670 comprising 27,581 (53.8%) males and 32,089 (46.2%) females and 9,538. Click Here to Read More

Shangombo District

Shangombo is one of the sixteen districts in Western province located 385km south west of the provincial capital Mongu. The district shares borders with Sikongo in the north-west, Nalolo in the east and Sioma in the south. It also shares an international boundary with Angola in the west which is marked by a river called Kwandu river while the Lueti river marks the boundary with Sikongo district. The district lies between longitude 22° and 25°30” East and latitude 13°45” and 17°45” South and covers approximately. Click Here to Read More

Nalolo District

Nalolo’s developmental agenda is aligned with Zambia’s development priorities as articulated in many strategy plans and policies including the National Long-Term Vision 2030 (NLTV), decentralization policy and the Eighth National Development Plan (8NDP). This is coupled with international and sub region agreement aimed at supporting sustainable development. Sustainable development can only be achieved by engaging all key stakeholders through partnerships and working together with institutions such as government, communities and the private sector. Click Here to Read More

Senanga District

Senanga derives its name from ‘Munanga’ a Lozi term meaning extensive high bank’. It was established as a Rural Council under Section 7 of Chapter 480 of the Laws of Zambia in 1963 and then a started to operate as a District Council in 1965 under the Local Government Act No 15 of 1980.Senanga District is centrally located in the Western Province of Zambia. The district has a total land extent of 9,865Km² and it is 106 KM from Mongu the provincial Headquarter. It shares local boundaries with Mongu district in the North, Nalolo district in the West, Sioma district in the South- West, Sesheke district in the South and Luampa district in the West. Click Here to Read More

Mwandi District

Mwandi District is located in the southern part of the Western Province of Zambia. It is located between 24.1 degrees and 25.2 degrees east of Greenwich and between latitudes 16.6 degrees and 17.8 degrees south of the Equator. The District shares boundaries with three Districts; Sesheke on the west, Mulobezi District in the North East and Kazungula District in the East. It also shares international boundaries withIt also shares international boundaries with Namibia in the South. Mwandi District is approximately 65Km from Sesheke and 135 Km from Livingstone Town. Mwandi District covers a total surface area of 6118.46 Km2 while Mwandi Township covers an extent of. Click Here to Read More

Mulobezi District

Mulobezi District was formed in the Second quarter of 2012; it is the former Mulobezi constituency of Sesheke District and is situated in the South/East part of the Western Province of Zambia. The district is about 253 km North/West of Livingstone City and 782 km South/West of the Nation’s capital, Lusaka. It shares boundaries with five districts as follows; Luampa district in the North, Sesheke district in the South/West, Kazungula district in the South/East, Senanga district in the North/West, and Mwandi district in the South/East direction. Click Here to Read More

Kaoma District

Kaoma District is situated on a plateau, East of the Barotse Flood Plain. The District lies between longitudes 24o28” degrees and 24o25” degrees East and Latitude 14o40” degrees and 15o00” degrees South. It borders with Mongu in the west, Nkeyema in the East, Lukulu in the North-West, Mufumbwe in the North–East and Luampa in the South. Click Here to Read More

Limulunga District

Limulunga is one of the sixteen (16) districts in Western Province. Previously it exited as Luena constituency under Mongu district and was declared autonomy in 2013. The district covers an area of about 392,936.2 hectares and has thirteen wards, namely; Nangula, Simaa, Mabili, Namboma, Ushaa, Limulunga East, Limulunga West, Ikwichi, Ndanda, Makuku, Ituku, Sitoya and Miulwe. The District’s administrative center is in Kate, Ushaa Ward. Limulunga district is also home to the Litunga, King of the Lozi people of western Zambia. Click Here to Read More

Mitete District

Mitete District is one of the new districts in the Western Province of Zambia which was declared a district by the Republican President in 2012. It was established by an order of President No. 03 of 2012 and subsequently created by Statutory Instrument No. 103 of 2012 as a district to provide services to the communities within its boundaries. Click Here to Read More

Lukulu District

Lukulu district, also known as The Land of Plenty is situated in the northern part of the western province. It is one of the sixteen districts in the province and shares local district boundaries with Limulunga in the south, Kaoma in the southeast, Kasempa in the northeast and Kabompo District in the North. To the west is the boundary with the newly created Mitete District. The district has a population of 96,290 which is expected to grow at an annual rate of 1.5% (CSO 2022). The district has a surface area of 9,329.1 square kilometres, i.e. 10.3 persons per square kilometre. This creates a huge challenge in the delivery of services as significant resources are required to reach the small, scattered population without a proper road network. Click Here to Read More

Nkeyema District

Nkeyema was declared a district in July 2012 to enhance service delivery and bring development closer to the people. The district has one constituency and eight wards with an overall current population of 106,074 (ZSA,2022). Click Here to Read More

Luampa District

Luampa District is a district of Zambia, located in the Western Province. It was separated from Kaoma District in 20121. If you’re curious about its geographical location, Luampa District is situated at approximately 15°00′S latitude and 22°30′E longitude. Click Here to Read More

Sesheke District
Sesheke District is situated in the southern end of Western Province. It shares international boundaries with Namibia to the south and Angola to the west.
The District shares district boundaries with Sioma, Senanga, Mulobezi and Mwandi Districts. Its 20% Urban and 80% Rural with a high rate of unplanned urbanization.
The district has a total surface area of 12,178 Kilometre Squared and It has a total population of 72,655 of which 35,484 are males and 37, 171 are females as of 2022 census.
The district is strategically located for economic activity growth as it is located along an important international trade corridor in Southern. Click Here to Read More
Sioma District

Sioma is one of the sixteen (16) Districts in the Western Province of Zambia. It was declared a district by the order of President No. 3 of 2013 and subsequently created by Statutory Instrument No. 115 of 2013 as a District from Shang’ombo District and the boundaries have been determined. Sioma district is located in the southwestern part of the province and lies on the west bank of the Zambezi River. It shares boundaries with. Click Here to Read More

Provincial Presidential Delivery Unit (PPDU)

In an effort to enhance delivery of key priority projects at Provincial and District level, the Provincial Presidential Delivery Unit (PPDU) met with DCs and HODs in Mitete, Lukulu, Kaoma and Luampa districts to introduce the PPDU and encouraged the DCs in the respective districts to set up District Delivery Units. The Presidential Delivery Unit was established by the President of the Republic of Zambia, Mr. Hakainde Hichilema as a tool for fast tracking the delivery of high priority government initiatives, which will bring lasting benefits to the people of Zambia. During the visit, the PPDU also inspected projects to appreciate bottlenecks surrounding the stalled projects in the districts with a view to unlock these bottlenecks.

Zambia & Angola Bilateral Talks

A delegation comprising business persons and heads of various government departments, led by Western Province Minister Hon. Kapelwa Mbangweta and Mongu Mayor His Worship Nyambe Muyumbana, visited the Moxico province in Angola for bilateral discussions on various business opportunities between the two countries.

The delegation featured the Western Chamber of Commerce, led by Chamber President Imanga Kayama. Imanga expressed optimism about the collaboration between the two countries in various business opportunities.

Click Here to read more on the Angola visit

Source: Prime Television News


LUSU-IMUSHO ROAD TO BE WORKED ON Infrastructure, Housing and Urban Development Minister, Hon. Eng. Charles L. Milupi to inspect the Lusu-Imusho Road in Sesheke District in Western Province. The road is being considered to be constructed to all-weather gravel standards. “This place has remained remote since independence in...

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WESTERN PROVINCE RECEIVES 525, 000 DOSES OF CBPP VACCINE Source: ZANIS Western Province has received 525,000 doses of the Contagious Bovine Pleuropneumonia (CBPP) vaccine doses earmarked to vaccinate about 600,000 herds of cattle in the region. Provincial Veterinary Officer, Stephen Tembo says government has released CPBB...

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GOVERNMENT SECURES ENOUGH MAIZE FOR WESTERN PROVINCE. By Marcus Brian Sakubita. Western Province Minister Kapelwa Mbangweta has announced that the Government has successfully procured enough maize to address food shortages in critically affected Districts in the region. The white maize, currently being distributed in Mongu and...

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