Infrastructure, Housing and Urban Development Minister, Hon. Eng. Charles L. Milupi to inspect the Lusu-Imusho Road in Sesheke District in Western Province.
The road is being considered to be constructed to all-weather gravel standards. “This place has remained remote since independence in certain cases people use the Namibian Border to travel to Sesheke and back.
“That is unsustainable and it is not what we ought to have as a country,” he said. He further said consideration was also being done to construct to all-weather standard the 131 kilometres road linking Imusho to the border and to the Sioma-Sesheke Road.
Sesheke Member of Parliament, Hon. Romeo Kangombe expressed happiness that Hon. Eng. Milupi is in the area and will be able to see for himself, get first hand information and experience what the people of Imusho have been experiencing for a long time.
“We have lost a number of people due to the non-existence of the road. It is very difficult to transport goods from Sesheke to Imusho as the local people have to use the Namibian Border where they are expected to declare and it’s up to the the officials to allow the goods or not,” Hon. Kangombe said.
Meanwhile, Chief Imusho has thanked the Government for the plans to work on the Lusu-Imusho Road.
The upgrading of 131 kilometre Lusu-Imusho Road will add to achieving another milestone in the paradigm shift of turning Zambia from a landlocked country to landlinked.
The road is a key driver of social and economic development of Sesheke District and once improved, it shall not only improve accessibility but will contribute greatly to the lives of the local people through improved trade and commerce, and sustainable agricultural and timber production.
Source: RDA