Waterfalls & Rivers

Water Resources

The vast water resource availability is good for transport, agriculture, livestock and hydro energy development.

 Barotse Flood plain and rich culture

The large flood plain and rich traditional ceremony Kuomboka are good for development of tourism, arts and culture in the Province. The availability of water from the Zambezi River and the floodplains provides opportunity for investment in energy and agriculture.

Mass Arable land

Western Province covers an area of 126, 386 square kilometers. Approximately 400 km2 (40,000 hectares) of state land designated as urban settlement out of the 126,386 km2 total land mass of the province which represents a 0.3 percent. This means that more than 99 percent of the land in Western Province is available for investment opportunities and can also be acquired at lower costs. The large mass of arable land and a huge span of Barotse Flood Plain offer a comparative advantage for Agriculture and Livestock Development.